The Federal State Budgetary Institute «The Nikiforov Russian Center of Emergency and Radiation Medicine»
The Ministry of Russian Federation for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters.


History of NRCERM

 The history of the Center dates back to 1991 when the All-Russian Center of Environmental Medicine attached to the Medical Military Academy was established in St. Petersburg in accordance with the resolution of the State Committee for operative management of national economy of the USSR No. 17 of 12.09.1991 and the resolution of the First Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of Supreme Council of USSR No. 1805-1/1 of 25.10.1991. The All-Russian Center of Environmental Medicine is the head organization for providing medical care to liquidators and victims of Chernobyl nuclear accident. On 14 March 1997 according to the Russian Government’s Decree No. 352-r it was transformed into the All-Russian Center of Emergency and Radiation Medicine of the Ministry of Russian Federation for Civil Defense, emergency situations and elimination of the consequences of natural disasters (FSHI ARCERM of EMERCOM of Russia).

In August 2006 in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation ARCERM of EMERCOM of Russia was named after one of the Center’s ideologists and founders and its first director (1991-2006) corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Professor, Ph.D. Alexei Mikhailovich Nikiforov — the Nikiforov Russian Center of Emergency and Radiation Medicine (NRCERM), EMERCOM of Russia. NRCERM is a medical, research and educational institution.

Since the foundation the Center provided medical expertise, diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation to more than 17 thousand victims of Chernobyl nuclear disaster from different regions of Russia. In the last five years more than 70,000 cases of patients requiring medical assistance (servicemen, EMERCOM staff, rescue workers, firefighters and their family members) had been registered at the Center. Since 2003 in accordance with the Decree of the EMERCOM Minister S. Shoigu annual medical check-ups of head EMERCOM personnel are carried out.

In 1995 ARCERM had become the World Health Organization collaborating center for treatment and rehabilitation of victims of nuclear and other disasters. Since 1997 ARCERM is the part of the international network for medical preparedness to radiation emergencies REMPAN as well as other international projects and programs.

The NRCERM staff provided medical care to population in former Yugoslavia (Prokuple, 1999) during NATO bombings. As a part of the EMERCOM rescue team they also took part in rescue operations in ex-Yugoslavia (Prokuple, 1999) following NATO air bombings as well as rescue operations following terrorist attacks (residential houses explosions in Moscow in 1999), air crashes (Moscow 2000, Irkutsk 2001, Donetsk 2006), earthquake in Sakhalin island (2000), collapse of the building in St. Petersburg in 2002, etc. In August 2000 the team of psychologists provided psychological assistance to family members of the crew of Kursk submarine in the village of Vidyaevo (Northern Navy). In 2008 psychologists of the NRCERM rendered assistance to the victims of traffic accidents in Israel and Egypt.

More than 120 staff members of ARCERM are positively marked by the EMERCOM Minister and more than 70 staff members are awarded with honorable rewards from EMERCOM for their participation in relief and rescue operations and their professionalism, bravery and compassion.


In May 2008the commemorative capsule with the message to progeny was placed into the basement, and building of the new hospital No. 2 in St.Petersburg with implementation of advanced medical technologies (surgical) and rehabilitation tools started. The new hospital will be put into operation in 2010. The future plans also include creation and construction of the new air-mobile hospital as well as 6 other branches of ARCERM in the regions of Russia.